2002 worldwide official 4000 (or more?) terror victims ... 2013 - 18000, 2014 - 32500, 2015 - 30000, and afterwards many more terrorist attacks (111 or more in 2016 and 33 until 2017-05-22 - in Europe 15 / 10) ... these brainwashed murderers and their power-hungry leaders or "idols" do not act for any faith, it is only about power against other!

As a result of war and terror, escape over the Mediterranean Sea with "help" of murderous escape assistants, this is why officially in 2015 at least 1750 refugees and (as of 30th of August, 2016) since beginning of 2016 at least 3165 refugees drowned. And almost everywhere (not only) in Europe the people moan about the "high" amount of refugees coming here (who come predominantly because of war and eviction) - poor world, those people probably have no value...

Now some people offer simple solutions for imaginary problems and sidetrack from real problems, such as the Fake-P.o.t.U.S., the TSAR, the SULTAN and many other like-minded people spread over the whole world. Luckily many people help refugees. Some are insulting them as do-gooders, but i think this is really an ennoblement.

CORONA: Some officials try to use the situation for delaying or even blocking the transfer of children from refugee camps to european countries. This is inhuman and all people - not only in Europe - should be ashamed about this behaviour ans the missing support between the countries.

Conspiracy-theories spread all over the world, in the past i thought this could only happen in the USA... my conspiracy theory: A worldwide epidemic madness - but who is responsible?

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