The crazy ping-pong game continues and the pit bulls decide: This time again between Israelis and Palestinians. Murderous attacks from Gaza by Hamas (and from Lebanon by Hezbollah) on Israel, hundreds of murders and kidnappings... the reaction should be clear!
This will strengthen the current nationalist-´religious´ government, making peaceful interaction impossible... Is that really what all Palestinians want? As is so often the case, a small/loud/militant minority decides! They are probably more interested in the mass production of ´martyrs´!

... More information ...

Hamas is blocking the flight of the population from Gaza´s north from Israel´s offensive, entrenching itself behind the civilian population.
Putin denounces ´the actions of the West´. Quote Putin (16.10.2023): ´Violence against civilians unacceptable´... but probably only if it doesn´t come from him!
Erdogan declares his solidarity with the Palestinians and calls on both sides to show moderation - but his reaction was quite different only recently with the attack in Ankara by the PKK... In the meantime (1.11.2023) only Israel is ´THE EVIL´ and Hamas ´THE GOOD´ for him.
Hopefully not just my opinion: Violence and blanket denigration of individuals or groups is unacceptable - no matter if (allegedly) ´religiously´ or ´politically´ justified. The misconduct of individuals must not be generalized to entire population or religious groups, examples: ´Hamas (not believing in God, just fanatical murderers)´ vs ´Palestinians´, ´Islamists´ vs. ´Islam´, ´Parts of the Israeli government and some religious extremists´ vs. ´Judaism (worldwide) ´, ´Putin´ vs. ´Russians´, etc.
Further escalation: And again I have the impression that the right-wing government under Netanyahu and Hamas or Islamic Jihad are passing the ball to each other so that no de-escalation (lasting peace is now hardly conceivable) occurs. The only thing that counts is maintaining power at all costs...

And now the escalating military operation, which alternately turns all areas of the Gaza Strip into a combat zone, including the last ones Catching Hamas terrorists, but leaving the civilian population with no real chance of escape... and to top it off, new (illegal!) settlements are approved in the West Bank - THAT´S LIGHTING THE POWDER KEG AGAIN! What will the reaction of the other side be?

@Israelis: I hope you remove this government from office soon, before it causes even more harm.

... More information ...

Surprise on 14/03/2024: Putin will have re-elected himself unanimously from tomorrow to Sunday with a turnout of 110% - in Donbass, Luhansk and Crimea already done. Addendum: Putin only achieved 83.8% - who failed? In the end, like Stalin, he will probably have to be carried out of Kremlin in a coffin →R.w/o.P.

War against Ukraine: Putin and his vassals in Russia and in the occupied territories are waging this war with a ´justification´ that resembles unspeakable events in Germany 83 years ago largely against the Ukrainian civilian population ⇒Putin is not GröFaZ 2.0 (greatest general of all time), he is a war criminal a case for the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) or Russia as a state before the International Court of Justice of the UN (ICJ), also in The Hague! Who are the Nazis? The Ukrainians? Nonsense! Only Putin & Co. act like the Nazis before and during the Second World War!
... and Putin´s war rhetoric continues to sound with renewed reinforcement of his armed forces (defense against enemy armies of NATO - ??? Who started a war here???) like Hitler-speak before/during World War 2.
More information: The Ukrainian right-wing extremists (e.g. the ASOW movement) came to < 2.5% in the last free election. Russian far-right parties have existed since the 1990s (e.g. the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), which won up to 13% of the vote in the State Duma by 2016; the dominant United Russia party (ER), the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF) and Just Russia (SR) are no more democratic). Internationally (Libya, Syria etc., now Ukraine) there are groups like the formerly ´private´ and now largely integrated into the army mercenary group WAGNER and Putin´s Chechen butcher Kadyrov and his murderous clan. All of them are close to the government or secret service. The ex-KGB agent and current sect leader - former Russian Orthodox Church - Patriarch Kirill I disqualifies himself parmanently with his loyalty to Putin and the ´just war´ rhetoric.
Putin victim list (probably not complete): 2003 Sergei Yushenkov-politician, 2006 Anna Politkovskaya-journalist and Alexander Litvinenko-Putin critic, 2008 Sergei Magnitsky-lawyer, 2013 Boris Berezovsky-oligarch, 2015 Boris Nemtsov-opposition politician, 2019 Selimkhan Khangoshvili-´Tiergarten murder´, 2022 Ravil Maganov-oil company manager and Alexander Subbotin-oil company manager, 2023 Yevgeny Prigozhin-mercenary chief, 2024 Maxim Kuzminov-former helicopter pilot, Alexei Navalny-opposition politician and Witalij Robertus-oil company deputy manager. Many more people have so far been imprisoned in prison camps according to arbitrary sentences (e.g. Lilia Chanysheva, Xenia Fadeyeva, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Oleg Orlov, Ilya Yashin), others have managed to escape to other countries, but are also silenced in Russia - some of them continue to be threatened or attacked in exile. The remaining critics in Russia are referred to as ´foreign agents´ and have thus been declared an enemy for the Russian people.
My (unfortunately not very realistic) dream: All those responsible - Putin and his government team, the would-be ´heads of state´ in the separatist regions and the marauding military - will be wanted worldwide for genocide, terrorism, looting, etc. and put on trial when caught. After sentencing, the ´Polar Wolf´ prison camp would be an appropriate final repository for him and his comrades-in-arms...
´ukraine-russland-mythen-101.html´ (german language) You can easily check this list of myths/facts via WIKIPEDIA and (trustworthy!) news portals.

By the way: Is there a difference between NAZIS and STALINISTS or PUTINISTS? Answer: NO! Putin´s justification, the ´dictatorial ruling Nazis around Volodymyr Zelensky´ in Ukraine and the myth of the ´peace-making liberation mission that is welcomed by the population´ is absurd. Only Nazis (including softeners/chalk eaters) and the remaining Putin fan faction are probably still supporters.

... More from the (mad) world ...


Now some people offer simple solutions for imaginary problems and sidetrack from real problems, such as
Ex-Fake-PotUS Trump and his Republican sect (Tea Party 2.0; Sideline critics, de-democratization, Lies (so-called ´ALTERNATIVE FACTS´), disenfranchisement of the ♀ population; dominance of a fundamentalist evangelical minority), Half of the US population does the ´lemming´ and follows the pied pipers (we are probably also on this path with the AFD).
TSAR Putin - Leading war criminal; perpetual term of office; criminalization and calls for violence against his opponents and so-called ´ENEMIES OF RUSSIA´ - this goes as far as controlled assassination actions (probably only a selection: 2003 Sergei Yushenkov-politician, 2006 Anna Politkovskaya-journalist and Alexander Litvinenko-Putin critic, 2008 Sergei Magnitsky-lawyer, 2013 Boris Berezovsky-oligarch, 2015 Boris Nemtsov-opposition politician, 2019 Selimkhan Khangoshvili-´Tiergarten murder´, 2022 Ravil Maganov-oil company boss and Alexander Subbotin-oil company manager, 2023 Yevgeny Prigozhin-mercenary chief, 2024 Maxim Kuzminov-former helicopter pilot, Alexei Navalny-opposition politician and Witalij Robertus-oil company deputy manager); lying to the population; War - from 1999 in Chechnya (1994-1996 was before Putin), 2008 Georgia, since 2011 Syria, since 2014 annexation of Crimea, occupation (establishment of ´independent people´s republics´ after alleged genocide of Russians) of Donbass and Luhansk, since 2022-02-24 even more murderous in the whole of Ukraine; Media suppress⇒alternative truths, Orwell´s 1984 sends its regards.
the brothers and sisters in spirit - Jarosław Kaczyński, Jair Bolsonaro (fortunately removed from office in the meantime), Viktor Orbán, Robert Fico, the dictator at Putin´s mercy Alexander Lukashenko as well as currently Nicolás Maduro (illegitimate ´president´ of Venezuela, plans by ´law´ occupation/takeover of a large part of the neighboring country Guyana because of large oil deposits found there) etc., they are approaching countries whose determiners are always right:
SULTAN Erdogan (witch hunt against opponents, war against Syrian Kurds on dubious grounds),
Emperor Xi Jinpíng - Uyghurs, sabre-rattling against Taiwan,
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un - dictator dynasty, the madman with the atomic bombs, arms supplier for the murderous Russian war against Ukraine,
Ali Khamenei - supreme religious determiner in Iran, ruled with massive support of the Revolutionary Guards, violence against its own population, arms supplier for the murderous Russian war against Ukraine, support for the Houthi rebels, Hezbollah and Hamas,


Great Britain: Ignoring court rulings and international agreements on safe third countries and deportations - this is (like the too often fatal events in the Mediterranean) the bending of international law. From my point of view, this is a shameful behaviour, as is the ´treatment´ of refugees carried out by various Mediterranean countries, which increasingly looks like active aiding and abetting of killing (not only because of failure to render assistance, but also because of the criminalisation of helpers).


politicians/parties with populist changes of opinion or statements - e.g. AfD before/after April 2020, again and again Markus Söder and Friedrich Merz (both felt at least weekly and usually quite wrong in terms of content).


For many years - not only since the events around FIFA and Qatar - I have not been interested in major sporting events, there is too much money and thus manipulation involved! But what FIFA has done (probably in the spirit of Qatar) - various bought World Cups, whitewashing the incidents in Qatar, muzzling criticism, etc. - is even more underground (actually works) than the actions of other associations (e.g. IOC). And now the icing on the cake on the part of the IOC, in addition to the planned re-admission of athletes from Russia/Belarus, is the condemnation of the boycott threat by Ukraine expressed in this context - business as usual, only money (for the IOC, UEFA, FIFA etc.) counts!

2023-12-08: Now the IOC has fallen over as expected, ´selected´ athletes will be invited to the Olympics in Paris 2024, provided they do not support the war against Ukraine and act ´neutrally´ - ridiculous with a (at least in Russia and Belarus) close ties of almost all athletes to the military! This is contrary to the spirit of the Olympics!


2023-12-08: The dam burst in Thuringia is repeated, the CDU and FDP are pushing through a law with the right-wing extremist AFD that makes the construction of wind turbines in Thuringia more difficult or even impossible... this is likely to be another case for the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe. So this is what the political ´firewall´ looks like.


Until the last federal election, I considered (among others) the former Minister of Transport Scheuer (CSU) to be the absolute lowest point in the long line of abysmal transport ministers. Now the current Minister of Transport Wissing (FDP) is scratching at this ´top position´, his ´arguments´ against all possible and necessary measures in his area of responsibility and his threats of measures and populist counter-proposals are only embarrassing! So it can be even worse than under CDU/CSU ministers...
Today (2024-04-26) the ´reform of the Climate Protection Act´ was passed in the Bundestag - and again the FDP has prevailed and the partial transport minister can continue to ignore his originally planned climate protection goals...


Even before the enlargements, the EU functioned only to a limited extent, partly because of the massive influence of individual member states, especially Germany, France and Great Britain (until Brexit). Now (with currently 27 Member States and 7 candidates) this has become even worse. Small-minded wrangling and more and more populism, as well as some strange processes - e.g. the elections to the European Parliament in 2019 - as well as partial blockades, e.g. Orban/Hungary, do not fit into a constructive democratic coexistence.


The situation in NATO is particularly muddled, where Turkey and Hungary are currently blocking decisions - Erdogan and Orban seem to be Putin fans and each have a very peculiar view of their legitimacy to manipulate law in other countries.


In some countries, corrupt or otherwise criminal politicians rise to the highest offices. Recent examples:

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